Current and finished projects

Virtual Room Networked virtual reality framework for the communication of multiple users in a virtual room. 2018
Bodygee 3D Automatisierte 3D Analyse und Prädiktion von Körperformveränderungen für die Ernährungsberatung und den Fittnesbereich 2017
ADPS - Alzheimer Disease Prediction Service Augmented Reality Application for an Alzheimer Disease Prediction Service 2017
Improving Training in Hand Surgery Improving training in hand surgery with virtual surgery using haptic technology. 2016
tBoard Web Tool zur Visualisierung und Analyse von Manschaftssportarten 2015
CleverScan Development of a 3D camera for manhole inspection 2014
i-Lumica EXPERT-GATE Software based expert system for automated identification, analysis and storing of car body damages. 2014
Gyger-Cattin-Filter Generalization of Gyger-Cattin-Filter to 3D medical imaging 2014
Retinal Vessel Extraction from 3D OCT A semi-automated segmentation of slice-by-slice OCT stacks devices was successfully realized. 2013
ViVe 3D Stereo Video Analyse für die Verkehrsplanung 2013
Segmentation of Aortic Dissection Automatic Segmentation of Aortic Dissection in MRI-Data 2013
Reconstruction of Optical Metamorphopsia Produced by Pathological Retinal Layers Visualization of Optical Metamorphopsia, as produced by pathological retinal layers of the human eye 2013
Modellierung von Prozessabläufen im Holzbau Modellierung von Prozessabläufen im Holzbau und Abbildung in Simulations- und VR-Technologien zur Optimierung von Fertigungs- und Montageprozessen. 2012
Object Segmentation in Speckle Noise A novel filtering approach drastically reduces speckle noise in OCT. 2011
Verkehrshaus Luzern Paternoster Interaktive Bauteile Show der Schweizer Automobilzulieferindustrie 2011
MOTASSO Motility Assessment Software 2011
Immersive 3D Immersive 3D is a new software framework for virtual reality visualisation with haptic interaction paradigms. 2009
HOVISSE Haptic Osteosynthesis Virtual Intra-operative Surgery Support Environment 2008
Haptic CAVE Haptic Computer Automated Virtual Environment
Improving Training in Hand Surgery with Virtual Surgery using Haptic Technology Haptic Technology and Virtual Reality in the context of Training for Hand Surgeons and Virtual Surgery