Haptic Osteosynthesis Virtual Intra-operative Surgery Support Environment

January 2006 - January 2008
Robert Hauck, Reto Witschi, Stephan Fischli, Beatrice Amrhein, J├╝rgen Eckerle

The HOVISSE project is a medical Virtual Reality research undertaking currently conducted in collaboration with the University Hospitals of Zurich and Basel and the Computer Science Department of the University of Basel.

HOVISSE aims at developing a framework of software applications to provide a seamless digital support environment for osteosynthesis in trauma care. It will offer assistance starting with the pre-operative planning phase and continuing to the intra-operative surgery phase. Through use of virtual- and augmented-reality technologies as well as computer haptics, the project tries to improve the osteosynthesis workflow through a coherent stereoscopic 3D immersive data environment.

The HOVISSE Research project is divided into five work packages:

Haptic Osteosynthesis Planning

Improvement of the current state of the art 2D/3D visual only osteosynthesis planning tools. This includes the modeling of haptic feedback (incl. torsion) during osteosynthesis and implant application. An immersive 3D stereoscopic and haptic osteosynthesis planning work environment and advanced multimodal visual- haptic man-machine interaction techniques for realistic osteosynthesis simulation will be developed.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Optimized Implant Selection and Location Planning

Integration of FEA simulation results into the pre-operative planning environment for optimized fracture suitable implant selection and location planning.

Statistical Modelling of 3D Bone Morphology

Generalized 3D statistical bone model for mapping shape, density distribution and orientation to novel bone data as well as prediction of missing parts.

Operation Room Interactive Surgery Workflow Simulation

Simulation and optimization of intra-operative surgery workflows within a CAVE environment. Also includes optimization of medical equipment placement and device operation within virtual operation room, simulation of complex inter-person and man-machine interaction procedures and the evaluation of intra-operative surgery support system man-machine interaction techniques with reproducible (CAVE) laboratory conditions.

Augmented Reality (AR) Intra-operative Planning Data Information System

Development of a framework for unified display and access to 2D/3D pre- and intra-operative information (data and images). Elaboration of algorithms for intra-operative update of pre-computed 3D fracture model, based on 2D x-ray images of surgical treatment progress. This is used in an augmented reality information system for in-situ access of surgery planning data. Includes design of novel non-manual (e.g. eye-tracking, voice, etc.) multimodal man-machine interaction techniques for usage during surgical interventions.