3D Stereo Video Analyse für die Verkehrsplanung

July 2010 - January 2013
Reto Witschi

The industrial partners at verkehrsteiner AG and Ingenieurbüro Ghielmetti are specialized in the analysis of video recordings for transport planning. This analysis includes counting and categorizing different traffic participants like pedestrians, bicycles, cars and trucks. These evaluations will be used to report e.g. uncommon traffic volumes, danger potentials or the like to authorities. So far, the evaluation of the video recordings was carried out manually. ViVe aims to automate the manual work by automatically recognize, categorize and count the traffic participants. The recognition of those different traffic participants is a difficult task in image processing and causes problems such as clustering and occlusion. To overcome these difficulties, different recording techniques were combined such as normal video recordings, thermal imaging shots and stereo recordings.